A Look in the Library - Tetragon

A Look in the Library: Tetragon by Joe Henderson, 1967

Tetragon Album Cover - Joe Henderson

 By JJ Lopez


JJ Lopez perused the depths of KRTU's vinyl library to find a classic album favored by hosts past and present.

Joe Henderson's Tetragon, recorded for Milestone Records in 1967, represents the in, the out and the straight ahead sounds of jazz during the late '60s. Working with a small group for this session, Henderson and company turn out a very confident yet relaxed sound.


The comfortable nature of the album stems from the brilliant musicians joining Henderson. Henderson is joined by Don Friedman and Kenny Barron on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Jack De Johnette and Louis Hayes on drums. Experience, confidence and the simple fact that each player is well versed in performing in a variety of jazz settings produced an album that is at once both easy going and full of musical intensity. Highlights include the bluesy title tune "Tetragon" and a soaring take on the Cole Porter tune "I've Got You Under My Skin." Of special interest is "The Bead Game" - a completely spontaneous, un-composed piece that displays the veteran discipline of Henderson and the others.


This album is a noted station favorite, frequently played by past hosts as well as current KRTU hosts, like Darren Kuper of The Jazz Protagonists. Thanks to the recent donation of a remarkably vast record collection by listener Paul Michelle the KRTU vinyl archive will retire our older and much played copy of Tetragon with a pristine mint copy, ensuring years of enjoyment for KRTU audiences of this solid 1967 release by the Joe Henderson.