Pricing for On-Air Announcements

Underwriting on KRTU

As a non-commercial radio station, your tax-deductible support of KRTU will be acknowledge on-air through underwriting announcements. All announcements must comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, and can include short factual statements about your business, organization, or event.


The good news is that these guidelines actually work in the underwriter's favor. First, you are ensured of consistent and uncluttered breaks to which listeners remain attentive. Additionally, as an underwriter you are identified as a "supporter" and your investment serves the dual functions of public relations and marketing. Finally, this demonstration of community support can generate strong brand loyalty from the KRTU audience.


Pricing for 30 second messages:


  • Jazz - Run of Schedule (5am to 10pm): $25/spot
  • Indie Overnight - Run of Schedule - (10pm to 5am) $10/spot


Custom packaging and program sponsorships are available.


Nonprofit organizations qualify for 15 percent discount off of all underwriting packages.


Consider underwriting as an effective and affordable vehicle for getting your message out to the
San Antonio community and beyond.

For more information contact Monica Reina at 210-999-8078 or