Our Mission & Vision

Mission: KRTU 91.7, a non-profit, listener supported radio station, is a resource of the Department of Communication that supports the academic curriculum while demonstrating Trinity University's leadership in education and the arts.

Vision: Trinity University's KRTU 91.7 is a respected cultural force in San Antonio.

Key Strategies to support the KRTU Mission and Vision:

  • KRTU 91.7 engages the academic mission of Trinity University by providing facilities and experiential learning for students interested in music, programming, production, announcing and management.
  • KRTU 91.7 engages Trinity University's leadership role in the arts by ensuring the availability of, and access to, jazz and alternative rock music in San Antonio.
  • KRTU 91.7 FM assists music educators with teaching an appreciation of jazz as an art form.
  • KRTU 91.7 partners with other area non-profit organizations, working in tandem to enrich the cultural vitality of San Antonio.
  • KRTU 91.7 promotes local musicians and live performances of jazz by providing on-air support and sponsorship participation with selected events.