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On a summer morning in 1958, 57 notable jazz musicians came together to be photographed on a street in Harlem, New York City. It was a remarkable moment in the history of jazz - a moment in which dozens of America's jazz legends unexpectedly gathered together for a photograph that would become emblematic of the golden age of jazz. Among the many musicians were greats like Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Mary Lou Williams and Coleman Hawkins. The photo is titled A Great Day in Harlem and represents a community bound together by music.


Now, KRTU is asking you to join us and create a picture of jazz today. This time we gather not on a city street, but through the radio and on the dial at 91.7 FM. And like the musicians in 1957, we gather in celebration of America's original art form and a music we all care about.  


Now more than ever, during the KRTU fall member drive, we are looking for listeners and jazz fans like you to share in the spirit pioneered by A Great Day in Harlem. Today we ask you to join together to support noncommercial jazz radio on KRTU. Become a member of KRTU 91.7 FM today.


A Great Day in Harlem captured the spirit of an era when New York City was the center of the jazz world, when music history was constantly being made, and when creativity was fostered by an intense and nurturing community of musicians and fans. Today, thanks to your membership, we follow in the spirit of A Great Day in Harlem and maintain a center for jazz, a place where music history and creativity continues to be fostered, and above all a place where jazz fans new and old find a sense of community and place.


It only happens with your support. Join us today. (Click here to join KRTU.)



A Great Day in Harlem - Latecomers


Several musicians arrived late that morning in 1958 and missed their chance to be a part of history. While not featured in the A Great Day in Harlem portrait, Ronny Free, Mose Allison, and Charlie Rouse still managed a late photo. Dizzy Gillespe captured them on film, posing with Lester Young (with saxophone case), Mary Lou Williams and Oscar Pettiford (far right).


But every missing musician leaves a piece of the story untold. The same goes for KRTU members. Every listener missing from the membership ranks leaves a piece of the jazz community unfulfilled. We don't want that to be you. Join KRTU 91.7 FM today and be a part of a community of likeminded supporters working together to keep noncommercial jazz strong and vibrant in the Alamo City.


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